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How to build up your own inexpensive NAS

So, here’s a video about NAS as standalone device that you can buy and use. Just add your storage and it works.

But there’s a lot of comments about building your own NAS using an old computer, because it’s much more easier and cheaper. So let’s build inexpensive PC to use as network attached storage.

What components should be used for building «home NAS»

It’s better to mention these steps:

  1. CPU (or motherboard’s chipset) with integrated graphics. No discrete videocard means no extra fan that produces extra noise. Yes, you can use silent videocard with passive cooling, but it costs money. And of course you can assemble PC without videocard at all, but not every motherboard will start without it.
  2. Choose small-form-factor mainboard, like mATX or mini-itx. The bigger — the better, but also it costs more. And we want to build cheap handmade NAS.
  3. Solid capacitors on mainboard. AFAIR solid capacitors was at the market when we had DDR3, it’s like 2010th. It’s OK to use regular capacitors, but solid ones looks more reliable.
  4. Choose CPU with lowest TDP. Make sure you’re gonna use the coolest CPU in model line. Use Celeron instead of Pentium. Use Athlon instead of Ryzen. CPU performance doesn’t matter in NAS, heating does.
  5. Don’t ever try to use any server-kind of equipment. All 1U-2U rackmount server-stuff is extremely noisy. .
  6. Use only 4-pin fans for cooling. 4-pin fans can be controlled automatically by motherboard, so choose mainboard with 4-pin connectors and use only 4-pin fans.
  7. The more SATA-connectors you have — the better. Four ports is minimum required: one for system-drive, two more for storage. Well, you can use only 2 ports with USB-boot.
  8. Gigabit Internet onboard. That’s not a problem actually, because gigabit network cards are in use since maybe 2000th.
  9. Get more storage drives with reasonable volume. If you can buy a pair of similar hard drives — it’s good, so you can use it for RAID. The more volumes you have — the better. And disk size doesn’t matter.

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Hill Climb Racing 2: vehicles to buy or not to buy

There’s more than dozen of vehicles in the game: some of them existed since the first version of the game was released, some of them was added recently. Some vehicles are really good, some of them are just for fun. Let’s look what you should buy for further victories, and what you shouldn’t.

Da Jeep, AKA Hill Climber (0$) — you just can’t get without it

That’s your first transport that costs nothing. Be happy that you have this kind of wheels. This car is good enough even without spending money for enhanced details it can be powerful enough to win the platinum cup. So it’s really good wheels for start. You should better use this as long as you can without buying any oher transport. Hill Climber is pretty stable and predictable, so you shoudn’t experience any control issues.

Pros: It’s FREE!!!

Cons: none for this price

Scooter (5000$) — don’t buy!

Scooter becomes available on second bronze level. At this time you get enough money to afford this vehicle, so it’s hard to resist from buying. But you shouldn’t buy it. Scooter is pretty strange at acceleration and low stability: it turns on wheelie every time and flips afterward. You should buy it when every other vehicle are in your garage. Читать далее

Лучше маленький лайк и репост, чем большое спасибо в комментах. По этой причине комментарии выключены, а кнопки репостов — вас ждут. Пользуйтесь, прошу :)